About Me

Have you ever tried to do shopping with two children?

Have you ever met a furniture seller who knew nothing about its products?

Have you ever been frustrated to purchase something more expensive in store than online?

Have you ever been disappointed by a seat after the purchase?

This is my case. With my family life I cannot spend useless time in store. Since I discovered that the online reviews by those who really buy and compare the reclining seat are by far the best. So I decided to build this website dedicated to loveseat recliner. I am passionate about sharing my experience. Nothing professional, just the gathering of the most useful tips for any purchaser of a reclining sofa or loveseat. I will try to provide the most authoritative and comprehensive reviews. I believe in original and unbiased content and rating with as much detail as I can provide.

Please don’t hesite to share your tips in the article comments.

I do not sell any loveseat or sofa. Seamlessly I placed some affiliate links to cover the domain name and the web hosting fees. I just hope to provide the most significant factors that may influence a decision when buying a recliner.

Many thanks to all my regular visitors and warm welcome to new visitors.

Hope you will find your right sofa or loveseat recliner with this website!